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The Intro about Jax The Tiler


About Us

Jax the Tiler will treat your house like it's his own

With more than 25 years of experience in the tiling industry, I have gained valuable knowledge about the pros and cons of this trade. I am committed to providing you with a professional tiling finish for your project.

When it comes to the materials I use, I ensure that only high-quality products such as glue and grout are employed. This guarantees not only a strong bond but also a visually pleasing result that will last for years to come. I understand that tiling is not just a job, but an art, and therefore, I take my time to ensure the tiles are meticulously placed to deliver a flawless outcome.

One of my priorities as a tradesman is maintaining a clean working environment. I understand the importance of cleanliness and tidiness, and therefore, at the end of each job, I make sure to leave the area in a pristine condition. This means you won't have to worry about any mess or debris left behind after the tiling project is completed.

Overall, my extensive experience in the tiling industry has taught me the importance of delivering high-quality work. I am dedicated to providing you with a professional, lasting, and aesthetically pleasing tiling solution. Rest assured that your project will be handled with utmost care and precision, and upon completion, your space will be left clean and tidy.

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