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Pool Tiler

Swimming Pool Tiling 

Upgrade Your Swimming Pool & Outdoor Areas with Jax Complete Tiling  

Tiling is unquestionably the best finish for swimming pools. Tiles look great, are simple to care for, feel pleasant beneath the feet thanks to their silky smoothness. They are also prized for their premium finish and long-term durability. However, the tiling work must be immaculate to make the most of your tiled pool. This is where Jax Tiling comes in!

We offer high-quality tiling services for all of your swimming pool and exterior tiling requirements in Sydney and the surrounding areas. Our considerable tiling experience and meticulous attention to detail ensure that the completed project not only meets but surpasses your expectations.

  • Full Pool Tiling 

  • Feature Wall Tiling

  • Copings 

  • Tile Bands 

  • External Area Tiling

  • Custom Design Tiling

Work With the Best Swimming Pool Tiler In Town 


Jax Tiling simplifies the process of pool tiling. As a client-centric company, we aim to assist our clients at every step of the way and ensure they love the final result.


Ready to start your swimming pool transformation? Here's how it works.

Swimming Pool Tiler

1. Book a Consultation

Contact the Jax Tiling Team by phone or leave a message through the contact form to book a free, no-obligation consultation. Our team members will visit the swimming pool area at the day and time of your choice to discuss your options and understand your goals.

2. Planning & Designing

After the site visit, we will give you a competitive quote based on the scope and nature of the work required. If you decide to proceed with the quotation, we will collaborate with you to design the ideal entertaining and leisure environment. From choosing the right tiles to designing, we will take care of everything. 

3. Swimming Pool Tiling

Our expert swimming pool tilers will work swiftly to complete the project on time while ensuring aesthetically appealing and high-quality work. We pay close attention not only to the aesthetics of the space but also to its functionality and safety. You can expect the perfect tiling job from our experts every time!  

Pool Tiler Sydney

Why Jax Tiling?

Jax Tiling is the preferred choice of tiling services in Sydney and the surrounding areas for beautiful and durable swimming pools. Our super friendly and professional tiling team is the best in town!

Professional Pool Tilers

Choosing Jax Tiling to revamp your swimming pool means working with experienced and qualified professionals. Our team comprises licensed tilers in Sydney who ensure that all tiling work is completed in compliance with the building code and the Australian standards. You can rest assured that we will not put an apprentice or subcontractor on your job. Your satisfaction is our top priority! 

Quality Over Quantity

Skilled workmanship and the use of quality materials and tiles from reputed suppliers make the difference between a pool area that looks fantastic in ten years and one that starts to look shabby in two. The tiling experts at Jax Tiling specialise in long-lasting, high-quality tiling for residential and commercial pool areas. We are all about quality, and our work speaks for itself!


Enhanced Safety

Jax Tiling prioritises safety and strives to create swimming pools that will minimise the chance of falls, slips, and injuries. We build a stunning pool without sacrificing safety. So, while tiles made of materials such as glass may be inexpensive and look fantastic, safety should always come first. Therefore, we recommend choosing superior-quality, slip-resistant materials to ensure you and your loved ones stay safe and secure in the pool.

Creative Pool Tiling Ideas

At Jax Tiling, we value creativity and out-of-box thinking just as much as tiling skills. We understand that the final outcome largely depends on the pool tiling idea. Therefore, we work with our clients to design and envision beautiful pool areas. Whatever you have in mind for your swimming pool, our creative tiling team will bring your vision to life and create aesthetic pool areas.

See Our Completed Project Gallery

Below are some examples of our work, demonstrating our exceptional tiling work.

Know Your Swimming Pool Tiles 

Tiles are incredibly durable and come in an almost infinite number of design options. Ceramic mosaics and glass mosaics are the two most common kinds of tiles used in pool mosaics.


  • Ceramic Mosaics: Any tile smaller than 100 mm is considered a mosaic tile. They're usually used to form a 300×300 mm sheet of tiles. They've been used for generations and have proved to be durable over time. Furthermore, they come in a variety of sizes ranging from 23 mm to 58 mm and adhere to the walls well.


  • Glass Mosaics: These tiles have become increasingly popular in swimming pools during the last decade. They are composed of glass and do not feature pores as ceramic tiles. Therefore, tilers use more latex to help them adhere to the pool walls. Glass mosaics are generally more expensive to purchase and install than ceramic mosaics. However, they can help create beautiful, distinctive effects that are totally worth it.

At Jax Tiling, we use industry-standard practices and premium tiles to create safe and beautiful swimming pools. We can lay a large selection of tiles to fit any application and would be pleased to discuss your alternatives. Our tiling professionals will walk you through the tile selection process, ensuring that you choose tiles that suit the space you're tiling and complement the surrounding areas.


Are you ready to build a stunning swimming pool in Sydney? Contact the Jax Tiling Team today to book a free consultation or learn more about our swimming pool tiling services.

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