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Jax the Tiler for Residential and Commercial Tiling Services in all of Sydney 


There is perhaps nothing akin to the quality of services that an experienced craftsperson can provide, and that’s also, of course, true with residential and commercial tiling services in all of Sydney. We are professionals who have spent over 25 years working on and perfecting tiling jobs all around Sydney.

Jax’s experience has taught him about the nuances of tile material and installation and the tiling industry in Sydney on the whole. So, when you choose to have your home or office space renovated or built from scratch by Jax Complete Tiling, Jax will be the man to ensure that the job is done right.

Exceptional Quality in all of Sydney

Our dedication to the craft has enabled us to deliver only the best quality tiling services to clients in various parts of the city. So, in addition to the metropolitan areas of the city, we operate in various suburbs, even towards the outskirts of Sydney.

Some of the locations we cater to include:

Various other suburbs surrounding the Sydney metropolitan area

Thus, regardless of where you are situated, we approach all tiling services in Sydney in one way: a goal to achieve consistency. We’re talking about consistency in the quality of our craftsmanship, the quality of the materials (all except the tiles themselves), and our customer service.

We put in maximum time and effort to ensure that we deliver exactly what we promise when undertaking a project.

Our seasoned team of professionals pays attention to detail of every specific project to ensure that we deliver only quality services. We don’t send apprentices, and we certainly do not employ subcontractors. Only a handpicked team by Jax will work on your residential or commercial tiling project, and that’s our promise to you.



Hunters Hill



Castle Hill




Rouse Hill

Our Services


As leading tilers in Sydney, we provide a number of different services for homes and offices in different locations in the city. Some of our services include the following. 

Bathroom Tiler

Bathroom Tiling


Whether you’re looking to develop a new bathroom, get a bathroom makeover, or build a new walk-in shower, we’ve got you covered. Every project, big or small, is a work of art in our minds. We make sure to create a design that maximises functionality and aesthetics.

Floor Tiling


As professional floor tilers in Sydney, we at Jax Tiling, have a specific plan for approaching and completing each flooring project. We guarantee that your new floor exhibits quality craftsmanship, from cleaning the floor at the start to ending with the removal of excess grout.

Outdoor Tiling


Visitors begin to form an impression of you from the moment they view the outside of your home or office. So, wouldn’t you want that first impression to be extraordinary? Well, a modern or traditional tiling job on your pathways or patio will help you do just that. Our wall and floor tilers work on numerous types of projects, which include, but are not limited to the following.

Floor Tiler

Patio Tiling

Front Porch Tiling


Driveway Tiling

Garage Tiling

Outdoor Stairs Tiling

Pool Deck Tiling

Back Yard Tiling

Balcony Tiling

Pool Tiler

Swimming Pool Tiling


The right tiling and the quality of its installation can define the look and feel of your swimming pool. The finishing can exude a sense of luxury and style, and the material itself helps you experience comfort when you walk within and around the pool. That is precisely why we complete each aspect of your swimming pool tiling, including planning, designing, and installation.

Kitchen Tiling


A kitchen that isn’t designed to function in the best way is not worth having. Well, that’s why our team of kitchen tilers creates and installs bespoke designer-style kitchens tailored to your unique needs.

Kitchen Tiler Sydney

What to Expect When You Choose Jax Tiling


At Jax Tiling, we take our job as professional tilers in Sydney seriously. When we commit to a project, we work on it with the utmost diligence, attention to detail, and care for your long-term benefit.

In our endeavour of achieving that goal, we’ve managed to establish specific expectations for clients regarding our services. Some of these are listed below.

Industry Experts


Jax, the licenced tiler, along with his team of professionals, will perform the tiling work on your project. There are no apprentices and no subcontractors. Only our seasoned experts will take care of the job with utmost care and precision. So, you can expect an excellent finishing that will leave you in awe.

A Completely Professional Experience


Whether we’re completing working on a tiling project indoors or outdoors; we optimally limit the inconvenience a renovation job can cause. So, we’ll take care to keep your home or office and the surroundings as clean as possible while we’re working. In addition, we’ll return all furniture and other items in your property to their rightful place after we complete the project. This way, you’re ready to enjoy your new home or office right away.

Projects Built to Industry Standard


Your safety is our topmost priority. Thus, we build everything to the building code and the Australian standards to ensure nothing is out of order. You can rest easy knowing that you’re in safe and capable hands.


Are you ready to hire the best tilers in Sydney for your residential or commercial property? Contact us today and get a free quote right away.

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