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Professional Wall Tiler in Sydney

Benefit from the expertise of the finest wall tilers in Sydney, Australia right now!

Whether you want to get tiles installed in a newly renovated bathroom or want new tiles, freshen up the look of your old kitchen, or require professional wall tiling service for your commercial property, we have you covered. At Jax Tiling, we have the skill set and materials needed to provide you with professional wall tiling for commercial and residential properties. We have the experience to install a wide array of tiles, including ceramic, porcelain, and natural stone tiles, seamlessly.

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Unrivalled Wall Tiling Services in Sydney and Surrounding Areas

If you want to enhance the quality and aesthetic beauty of your home, Jax Tiling can help you with that. We have professional expertise and in-depth knowledge of the current materials used in the industry to ensure robust adhesiveness and immaculate finish for wall tiles.

From your kitchen to bathroom to your patio, we have the experience you need to change the entire look of your home with our exceptional tiling service. Over the years, we have undertaken both small and large-scale wall tiling projects and delivered the best results to our clients. Whether it’s a house renovation or tiling a new building, Jax can do it all.

Wall Tiling Plan

We approach wall tiling with a specific plan of action to ensure that we don’t miss out on anything or make any errors along the way. After all, we look at tiling as a form of art that requires precision and skillful handling.

Before we look into the steps of our wall tiling plan, we will speak to you to understand your wall tiling needs and the specific vision you might have, then provide you with a reasonable quote. We want to work within your budget and tailor a plan that suits your vision.

Here’s an overview of a typical wall tiling plan:

  • We will figure out the space we have to work with by measuring the walls and ceilings if you want to tile those as well.

  • Next, we will meticulously check the condition of the walls and substructure behind the existing room. This step will help us detect any interior damage so that you can address it before getting your walls tiled.

  • Then, we will assess the tile adhesive and make sure that it is the right glue for your wall substrate and your choice of tile. We will also make sure to carefully follow the correct building code practices.

  • Jax will make sure that all tiling work is level around the room and we are getting straight lines with our high-tech laser level.

  • Lastly, we will make sure that the wall tiles are grouted with the colour of your liking.


How to Keep Your Tiles Clean

We also use our expertise to provide you with invaluable advice that you can use to keep your wall tiles looking as good as new.

To keep all your tiles clean:

Depending on the type of tile or stone and the grout that you choose, Jax will give you his secret on how to clean your tiles.

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Why Choose Jax Tiling?

Here are some benefits of availing our wall tiling services in Sydney:

Utmost Professionalism

When you work with us, you will be greeted with nothing but professionalism. We believe in letting our work speak for itself, and always strive to provide our clients with a professional tiling finish.

Unrivalled Experience

Jax Tiling has more than 25 years of invaluable industry experience that has allowed us to work with different techniques and master the art of tiling.

High-Quality Materials

We only use high-quality materials to complete the tiling work and ensure that your tiles stay attached to your walls for years to come.


Jax is an experienced, license tiler in Sydney and he does all the tiling work to ensure that it is immaculate.

Honest Work

We believe in being completely forthright with our customers. When you work with us, you get everything we promised to you. We will never send an apprentice to your home for tiling your walls. Moreover, we don’t work with subcontractors either to ensure that each job is perfectly done.

Brilliant Customer Service

Our excellent and consistent customer service is yet another compelling aspect of working with us. We don’t take any shortcuts in our job and provide our clients with the best service possible.

Best Possible Results

Every time we tile a wall in a client’s home or commercial property, we do so by following the building code and the set Australian standards of tiling.

Get in Touch Today

Jax Tiling is inarguably one of the most experienced, honest, and reliable tiling service in Sydney and its surrounding areas. We have the skill and experience needed to tile the walls in your home and office space. We can also tile outdoor walls with as much efficiency as required in tiling kitchen or bathroom walls. When you work with us, expect to have your expectations exceeded every single time.

So, are you ready to put your trust in the finest wall and floor tiling expert in Sydney? Get in touch with Jax Tiling on 0411546712 today!

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