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Commercial Tiling

Incomparable Commercial Tiling Services, Sydney

Jax Tiling will install sleek and modern floor and wall tiles in your commercial property to transform it into a beautiful Eden!

Seamless Commercial Tiling in Sydney

Are you looking to upgrade your commercial space with luxurious and beautiful floor and wall tiles? Do you want to change the look of your business building with modern tiles? Well, you will be pleased to know that Jax Tiling offers customised commercial tiling installation in Sydney for all sorts of flooring requirements.

Having worked with numerous commercial and public sector clients on large-scale tile installation projects, Jax knows how to install tiles in retail stores, city offices, private workplaces, and even government buildings.

Exceptional Tile Renovation & Commercial Tiling in Sydney

At Jax Tiling, Jax has years of experience delivering the highest level of tiling service from start to finish, regardless of the scale of your project. We have in-depth knowledge of floor preparation, waterproofing, installation, sealing, and finishing to ensure a smooth tiling job.

From simple ceramic tiles to complicated stone or mosaic installations, Jax has the experience to handle large commercial tiling projects, including pool, staircase, bathroom, kitchen, pavement, lobby, and hallway tiling. Regardless of the space, you want to be tiled, Jax promises to deliver beyond your expectations. Once he’s done, you can benefit from his immaculate workmanship in the form of luxurious and beautiful tiles.

Commercial Tiler Sydney

Why Use Tiles in your Commercial Property

If you’re wondering why you should use the service of a commercial tiler in Sydney, we have the answers you’re looking for. Floor and wall tiles are a durable and long-term solution for commercial buildings. It’s because tiles are designed to handle intense wear and tear and significant foot traffic, which is a must in a commercial property. Moreover, tiles protect your floor from water exposure, which can save you from costly secondary water damage. They are also super easy to clean. Lastly, you have many varied designs and materials to choose from to design your commercial space according to your aesthetic vision.

Our Commercial Tiling Services

Jax is a thorough expert at commercial tile installation in Sydney. His expertise ensures that the tiles look clean and finished even after years of use. From the foyer of your building to the lobby and workspaces, Jax will ensure that your tiles are installed seamlessly with the right finish to ensure longevity.

Moreover, at Jax Tiling, we also offer waterproofing and regrouting services, including grout cleaning and epoxy grouting. We also offer grout sealing and cement bedding services for every room or space in a commercial building.

With our comprehensive services, we make sure to protect your building floors and walls from water leaks or external and internal damage. We also have years of experience in commercial renovation projects that have taught us how to remove the previous flooring, even out the floor, and install new tiles for a brand new look.

Commercial tiler

State-of-the-Art Technology and Materials for Installing Commercial Tiles

Jax Tiling uses the best mix of tiling tools and techniques to make commercial spaces look ultra-modern and deluxe. Jax only uses state-of-the-art equipment and the latest technology in all his tiling projects. After all, we understand that you have invested your trust in our services and we will go beyond what is expected to meet and surpass your needs. To ensure an error-free installation, we use materials, tools, and products that surpass the highest standards in quality control.

Experience in Working with Numerous Commercial Tile Materials

Jax Tiling has the experience and knowledge required to work with a wide array of commercial tile materials. We will provide you with flawless tiling service for your commercial spaces, including your kitchen, bathroom, lobby, balcony, and more. Our tilers in Sydney ensure that the installed tiles look aesthetically pleasing and are functionally sound.

Here are all the materials that we can work with:

  • Sandstone

  • Glass Mosaic

  • Travertine

  • Limestone

  • Ceramic/vitrified  

  • Porcelain

  • Basalt

  • Epoxy Grouting

  • Terrazzo

  • Marble

  • Cobblestone

  • Granite

  • Quarry

  • Commercial-Grade Non-Slip Tiles

  • Stone Pavers

  • Engineered stone & more!

When you work with Jax, he will provide you with all the high-quality supporting materials you need for seamless installation.

*We leave the tile selection and purchasing up to our clients. However, we can guide you toward the right vendor for modern and durable commercial tiles!


What to Expect from Jax and His Commercial Tiling Services?

Jax believes in offering consistency to his clients regardless of the scale of the commercial project; he offers precise service at every step of the way. Firstly, to ensure the best finish, Jax studies and prepares all the surfaces. He strips down any previous tiling or decor to ensure a solid base for the new tiles. Then, he smoothens the surfaces and primes them for the new installation.

After prepping the surface, Jax lays down the tiles and uses high-quality adhesives to ensure longevity. He adds the grout and fills the gaps between the tiles to prevent water from seeping into the lower layer of your floors. Lastly, Jax performs a final check to ensure that every aspect of the commercial tiling job was done meticulously.

Faultless Commercial Renovating and Regrouting Services

At Jax Tiling, you will benefit from the best tile renovation and regrouting experts in Sydney. Jax is a licensed tiler in Sydney who is well-versed in the art of removing old floors and renovating large commercial spaces with new tiles effortlessly.

Moreover, he also knows how to regrout the tiles to prevent damage. He can regrout and repair leaking floors, bathrooms, kitchens, lobbies, and more. With his expert craftsmanship, Jax will make sure to bring your tiles and grout back to life and change the look of your property.

Commercial tilers

Why Work with Jax for Commercial Tiling in Sydney

Here’s why you must work with Jax Tiling to transform your commercial property with new tiles:

  • Jax is a thoroughly professional and licensed tiler in Sydney who believes in offering reliable, consistent, and brilliant tiling service to his clients.

  • We always try to accommodate our clients by offering affordable rates.

  • Jax offers unrivalled stylistic tiling and uses the latest materials to ensure a smooth finish.

  • Customer satisfaction is our topmost priority, which is why Jax always strives to offer unmatched customer service. He will give you his undivided attention.

  • Jax believes in honesty and collaborative work to provide you with the tiling installation you expect from him.

  • We offer free quotes to all our clients to help them make a well-informed decision.

  • At Jax Tiling, you will receive honest and professional service. Jax will not send an apprentice or contractor to your property. He always performs every step of the tiling process himself to ensure a seamless job.

  • Jax is a meticulous tiler who follows the building codes and tiling requirements to the T.

If you’re looking for a commercial tiler in Sydney, put your trust in Jax and his company. We offer a durable and professional commercial tile installation service for all sorts of budgets and tiling materials. So, if you’re ready to transform your commercial property with the finest tiling service in Sydney, contact Jax Tiling right now. 

Get in touch with us for a free quote today!

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