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Choosing the right tiles for your home

Choosing The Right Tiles For Your Home | Tilers near me

Monocottura is a tile that is fired only once — including the firing for the glaze. These tiles are not as strong or durable as others. Generally, a monocottura tile is designated for light floor or wall use, but Jax Complete Tiling would only recommend that you use this type of tile for the walls. 

Bicottura ceramic tiles have been fired twice — once to create the body of the tile, and again after the glaze has been applied. A bicottura tile is harder and durable than a monocuttura tile, so it can be used on walls and floors.

Porcelain is a fine powder baked at a high temperature — Porcelain tiles are a tile that is made by the dust pressed method from porcelain clays. This results in a fine-grained tile, dense and smooth, with a sharply formed face. A Porcelain tile has a much lower water absorption rate (less than 0.5%) than non-porcelain tiles. This type of tiles is an excellent option inside and outside your home.

Vitrified full body — Full body vitrified tiles have pigments through the entire tile (looks the same from the surface all the way through). This makes chips less noticeable and is an ideal choice for high traffic zones. Vitrified tiles are excellent where the edge of the tile is visible like stairs and where you have a riser or skirting. Jax Complete Tiling highly recommends this type of tile over any other type of tile, especially outdoors. Jax has always said that this tile is king.

how much do tiles cost?

How Much Do Tiles Cost?


The cost of tiles below is just a guide, this depends on the quality and which county the tiles are made in.

  • 300 × 600 White rectified tiles for walls $10.00 — $18.00m²

  • 300 × 600 Colour porcelain tiles for walls and floor, $20.00 — $50.00

  • 200 × 1200 Timber look tiles $35.00 — $70.00m²  There are timber look tiles that are cheaper between $20.00 — $25.00m² but usually the quality of the tile is poor, the face of the tile could have a bow like a banana and their size may vary. Timber tiles are normally laid in a random pattern and when completed the work should look nice and flush with no lippage. If a tile supplier recommends you to offset each tile by a quarter in a zigzag pattern - the tile is more than likely to be bowed as this pattern is usually recommended to hide the imperfection in the tiles. If you are a person who likes the zigzag offset look, then bowed tiles should not be a problem.

  • 100 × 200 White ceramic tiles $15.00 — $20.00m²

  • 600 × 600 Porcelain $15.00 — $50.00m²

  • 20 × 20 Glass mosaic for pools $50.00 — $70.00

We do not recommend mosaic tiles with a paper face, there are no pros in laying them, just all cons.


Glass mosaic on a mesh backing is ok, you just need to keep them in a dry place so the mesh does not stretch. You need to make sure with the supplier in writing that the adhesive that bonds the mesh to the back of the tile has not smeared contaminating the area and does not demulsify in the future by chemically reacting with tile adhesive or softening with moisture, causing the tiles to come loose.


Mosaic tiles that are joined with rubber lugs are excellent and highly recommended. The only cons with this type of mosaic is that the grout may fall out where the rubber lugs have been positioned. We recommend the use of a high-quality cement-based grout or epoxy.

Monocottura tiles $

Bicottura tiles $$

Porcelain tiles $$

Vitrified $$$

Glass $$$

Stone $$$$

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