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Best Bathroom Tiler In Sydney Bathroom Tiling Services

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Bathroom Tiler Sydney

All bathroom tiling Jobs in Sydney are completed professionally with no shortcuts. Jax the wall and floor tiler will always endeavour to deliver perfect bathroom tiling work.

Bathroom Waterproofing Jobs in Sydney

Bathroom Waterproofing

Bathroom waterproofing jobs in Sydney must be 100% correct,

Jax Tiling will perform nothing less. 

We also provide waterproofing certificates.

The Best Bathroom Tiling Steps to Completion

shower water leak repair sydney

Shower Leak Repair

Repairing your bathroom shower leak the correct way is important. Jax tiling has many methods to tackle a water leak in a cost-effective way without removing tiles if possible.

There are many companies who do shower leak repairs (we have seen these repaired jobs fail and these companies void the warranty blaming movement) the truth if the workmanship was done incorrect and against the Australian standards. Your best option is to hire a professional tiler who specialises in this field of work who knows the complete background of the job, yes we are one of them.

shower leak repair sydney

Why Hire Jax To Do Your Bathroom Tiling

Jax Tiling is a licensed professional business.

We believe when hiring a tiler, you should always go with your gut feeling and not just a recommendation. Jax from Jax Tiling will give you that gut feeling! Then you will be recommending him.

Tiling is like an art, we will put your bathroom tiling together like a masterpiece.


  • We will not put an apprentice on your job

  • We don't send subcontractors out

  • No shortcuts are taken

  • We don't work to a deadline as we aim to deliver perfect work

  • Bathroom tiling jobs in Sydney will be completed to the BCA and Australian Standards

  • We do not fit other jobs between yours, to keep our concentration in one place.

From Jax “I believe that people work hard for their money to get to where they are now. It's so sad to see tradesmen do bad work and the customer feels robbed.

I, Jax, will deliver nothing less than the best for you, I will endeavour to make your job perfect no matter what the circumstance is. I will even go the extra mile if I have to, just to see you smile.”

No 1 Bathroom Tiler Near me in Sydney

Jax the Bathroom Tiler in Sydney is the tiler near you that will perform nothing less than the best.

Best Tilers Sydney
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