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How to repair a leaking shower without removing tiles, waterproof

Updated: May 5

This method used in the video fixes your leaking shower without the removal of tiles and at a cost-effective way. To fix the shower leak from the source, you will need to remove the tiles and re-waterproof the shower cubicle.

Fixing a leaking shower without breaking the bank is completely possible with a few simple steps. Firstly, remove the existing grout from the tile joints and replace it with epoxy. This waterproof and durable material will prevent any water from seeping through the cracks and causing leaks. Additionally, it is important to apply a flexible sealant to internal corners where tiles meet. This will ensure a tight seal and prevent any water from escaping through these vulnerable areas.

Furthermore, it is vital to check behind the tap cover plates and block them with silicon. This will prevent water from penetrating behind the wall and potentially causing water damage or mold growth. Lastly, it is crucial to seal the area between the floor waste and PVC pipe. By doing so, any exposed cement bedding will be covered, eliminating another potential source of leaks.

By following these steps, you can effectively fix your leaking shower without having to spend a fortune. These affordable solutions will not only save you money but also ensure the longevity and functionality of your shower.

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