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Cutting, Splitting and installing a tile around a floor waste

Updated: May 6

Splitting and installing a tile around a floor waste. Jax Complete Tiling,

properly. The floor waste, also known as a drain, is typically located near the shower area to ensure that any water or other liquids that may spill or accumulate on the floor can easily flow down the drain. If a full tile, without any splits, covers the floor waste, it can hinder the drainage process. By splitting the tile and being able to fold them downwards, the water can flow freely into the waste, allowing for efficient draining and preventing any water pooling in the bathroom shower area.

It is important to hire a skilled tiler who understands the proper techniques for splitting tiles to ensure a clean and professional finish. Splitting tiles around a floor waste requires precision to ensure a seamless fit and prevent any gaps or uneven edges. However, when it comes to shower areas, it is best to avoid splitting tiles from the waste to the corner of the wall as it can compromise the waterproofing and aesthetic appeal. It is always advisable to consult a professional to achieve the best results when installing tiles in a bathroom

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