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How to make a grout gun, caulking gun, mortar pointing gun.

Updated: May 5

Mortar gun hack — The price for a professional mortar gun is around $130.00, why not just make it from a silicon tube :-)

The grout gun I created from a silicone tube has proven to be the perfect solution for my needs. It allows me to efficiently place mortar between stones and bricks, ensuring a precise and clean finish. The convenience and ease of use that the grout gun provides cannot be overstated.

Additionally, the grout gun doubles as an efficient tool for injecting epoxy grout into tile joints. This feature has been a game-changer for me, as it allows me to achieve a neat and professional-looking result without any mess or wastage.

The versatility of the grout gun is exceptional. Whether I am working on a small DIY project or a larger construction job, this tool consistently delivers outstanding results. It saves me time, effort, and ensures a high level of accuracy in my work.

In conclusion, the grout gun made from a silicone tube has undoubtedly proven to be a worthwhile investment. Its functionality, ease of use, and versatility make it an essential tool for anyone working with mortar and grout

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