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How to set out Herringbone Pattern on a wall or floor

Updated: May 13

Herringbone tile set out - In this video, I will show you how to set out herringbone the correct way to get equal cutting on both sides of a wall. I have seen this pattern get laid incorrectly many times, even by professionals. I hope this video helps.

In this instructional video, I will guide you through the process of setting out a herringbone pattern, ensuring equal cuts on both sides of a wall or floor. The demonstration will be presented on a piece of paper, but you can simply apply the outlined steps to achieve precise results on an actual surface.

By following the procedure I present, you can confidently approach your project, knowing that the cuts will be symmetrical on both sides of the wall or floor. It's important to pay close attention to my explanations to fully understand the process and accurately implement it.

Maintaining balance in a herringbone pattern is crucial for achieving an aesthetically pleasing look. By correctly setting out the pattern, you can create stunning, evenly spaced lines that will enhance the overall visual appeal of your project.

So, gather your materials and join me in this video as I demonstrate the steps to set out a herringbone pattern, guaranteeing equal cuts on both sides of the wall or floor.

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