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How to use a Grabo Suction Cup Grabo Suction Cup Review for Tilers laying tiles

Updated: May 6

As a Wall and Floor Tiler in Sydney, I have used many suction cups in the past, but nothing like the power that the Grabo has.

The Grabo suction cup comes with 2 batteries which is quick charging and has a long use time, it also comes with a spare suction pad that is easy to replace.

The Grabo has a suction pressure gauge to let you know the amount of suction you have, you can use this tool to lift tiles, glass, stone, timber etc, even with a rough surface.

We use tile suction cups when we need to lift large format tiles to position them on a wall and floor or in very awkward positions, it's also easier to manoeuvre a large tile around once it is in position with a suction cup, if you try using your hand to do this you may sink the perfectly laid tile, then you will have to lift the tile up again and put more adhesive under it.

There are times when we directly stick tiles to an uneven floor, in this case to get tiles nice and flush beside each other we usually have to lift each tile back up and put more glue underneath then put the tile back into position. Tilers would usually use a trowel to lift each tile back up, there is nothing wrong with this method except it's a bit more messy, if you are trying to lift a tile that is surrounded with tiles with a trowel you have a chance to chip one of those surrounding tiles. Using a suction cup is the better option.

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